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safety, service and productivity

We Specialize In:

Our company on the job. Below are real world examples of what we do every day.

Inspect Rail Cars - We inspect loaded rail cars to ensure proper loading. We can inspect stored rail cars for needed repairs and possible value. We audit trains including air brake testing, especially loaded pipe trains. We have inspected over 3000 pipe loads since April 2014.

rail cars inspection of rail cars

Offering Instruction - We offer education courses to promote & ensure safety, service and productivity. We can train your people in rail car repairs, AAR/FRA procedural inspections as well as air brake inspections and repairs.

railroad safety education railway service classes train service productivity courses

Repair Track facilities and Train Yards: Performing safety audits on train yards and repair track facilities; Providing expert knowledge in pre- and post-inspection for successful audits with FRA and AAR.  Completed 2011 with personal injury rate less than 0.67 for both car and locomotive departments.

rail car repair train car repair welding

Expert Services: Providing expert legal services for derailments, personal injuries and mechanical car operations since 1983.  Providing expert services for Union Negotiations and Arbitration; over 25 years of experience dealing with unions from a management viewpoint.

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Doyle R. Rankins

Derailment Analysis: Offering analysis of derailments and rerailing expertise. Over 35 years of rerailing experience. Managed three company rerailing cranes, 150-ton Mantis and 85-ton Kershaw, and 250-ton American Hoist derrick

rail car derailment rerailing services little rock arkansas rerailing

Expeditor Services: Performing material expeditor services.

Evaluation and Assessment: Evaluation of load shifts and adjustments. Measuring and clearing high/wide loads. Evaluation of repairs on rail cars.  Assessment of rail car cleaning.   Directed mechanical operations from Chicago, IL to Yuma, AZ between  1998- 2000   [including Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Western Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona]

rail car welding services train track assessment